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All over the house, will fall down is the soft outfit (map)

DATE: 2013-11-29

Jane, min is not never thought, in a larger apartment, but Mr And after some time, consider or think of this family is the most suitable for yourself. Quiet, the transportation is convenient, the space allocation is reasonable, carefully take care of every detail through the master, even if a person alone will not feel lonely.

More than a decade ago, as a flower art teacher of Jane min from Taiwan arrived in Shanghai, China, hope to breakthrough the bottleneck of enterprise, is unwittingly into soft outfit design field, from now on. Today, she has change to domestic soft outfit design godmother. Tomson, greentown rose garden, wingceltis palace thousands of top building example room soft outfit design at home and abroad, by his hand. In addition, her book "soft outfit stylist manual", "soft outfit design etiquette", in the industry known as "JianSheng", is the essential of many soft outfit stylist the shelf.

"My husband is the Belgian, airlines, and now no longer as a pilot, but be responsible for developing international routes, still travel a lot. If live of the Pacific Ocean floor or villa, I'm a bit not used to a person always." Actually, Jane, min is reluctant to change rooms, as well as a more important reason. As her soft outfit stylist, every quarter will replace the soft outfit in the home. This small home, just like her design experiment.

Mr Jane sensitive and have an old villa in Belgium, because some years architectural style and interior decoration, soft outfit design must comply to, nearly all of the neoclassicism. While the apartment in Shanghai, offers her too much. "Because the area is not large, soft outfit design appears very compact on the vision, it is easier to see which display can mix effect."

On hard outfit, Jane susceptibility using only the most simple economic technique, this not only saves the high labor costs, also left a play space for soft outfit design 1

All over the house, will fall down is the soft outfit 1

On hard outfit, Jane susceptibility using only the most simple economic technique, this not only saves the high labor costs, also left a play space for soft outfit design

Collisions of color

Late autumn season, the weather is cold, the table of bright yellow liqueur, orange flower art collocation and lemon yellow condiment ceramic cans, there is a point to check the warmth. The sitting room on the other side, the Italian Kartell 's iconic mademoiselle acrylic red fruit tray, with just two of the same color cobble shape cushion each other echo, red be rendered very dazzling, become a sitting room a thick color can not be ignored. Shelves, on the right-hand side of the skin texture of of primitive simplicity of complex root carving, place on a statue from buying shop for white ceramic meditation frogs, also in the west, a weekly. And at the entrance of bright type hanger and western-style glass cases also calculate the other is a mix of Chinese and western. Back from Bali travel souvenirs, as western soft bag chairs supporting small a few, put on a few this couple are reading foreign language books, this time is not only the decoration collisions series, also have the practical value of the furniture.

In fact, the members of set each other off becomes an interest collisions, soft outfit design division will complete space. Make friends because of work need to be reconciled, Jane Mr Min and several party at home every month. These scattered space area is lain between, people have different preferences can be split up. "Like tasting wine can sit on a sofa this head, good tea in the area of the sitting on a soft mat. A person with group of points, different populations of overlap with each other, can also spread to discuss topics of particular interest to them."

Not only the living space, the couple's bedroom and study is full of all sorts of design of collisions. "Both of us to household preferences are complementary, I love of western-style household, while my husband's fascination with Chinese style furniture." The piano TaoLu is change storage tank, leather side of the head of a bed of ceramic sits stool with something of French rococo presented amorous feelings. During the period of the republic of China in the chest with apple computer configuration, dispersion and to study the ancient for the new flavor.

In a variety of design elements of collisions, otherwise bland space becomes "alive". Jane min think, this is the charm of soft outfit design. "A lot of people to the soft outfit design concept is vague, but in fact, soft outfit and everyone's life is closely linked." What is a soft outfit design? She make a metaphor, "when you turn the house over, all will fall, is the soft outfit, is the scope of our design." Jane susceptibility explains, "soft outfit design itself is a kind of magical magic. Usually, it only 30% of the cost of packaging design, often can produce 70% of the design result. So, it is a kind of high added value of design."

Soft outfit stylist Jane name 1 min's house

From buying shop for white ceramic frog meditation

Soft outfit stylist name Jane 0 min's house

The balcony green

Precious little old

Western society has an obvious design trend, the hard outfit as simple as possible in the home, this not only saves the high labor costs, also left a play space for soft outfit design. Jane min's home is such a typical, in hard outfit, she follow the principle of minimalism, only the most simple and economic technique.

For example, in order to remove the small space and sitting room porch joint sense of mediocrity, she redesigned joint metope, make the concave and convex have send the metope of the curve. Though, the metope of the ups and downs let room area is smaller, but this kind of technique is economic, and quick, make the whole living space instantly become interesting. Again, for example, in order to make porch look not so narrow, after consult with Mr, Jane of quick decisive to in addition to the study and porch partition between, with transparent glass. Walked across the porch, looking across the glass to see the display in the study, apartment ShuXiangQi gradually thick, wrong depending on the light into the study to the design of porch, also solve the lighting problem of porch.

Rational utilization of resources, the treasure of objects, hands have everything, is Jane sensitive over the years uphold the design aim. Though, the trend changing with time and the outside world, she constantly change the soft outfit in the home, but there are some things but always preserved in the round after round of screening. "I am a very nostalgic person, to accompany him those old thing is full of affection, to give up."

With her traveling around Europe LV luggage, after the dust settled into the bedroom window on the stage of store content box. Cloisonne vase with pressure town, for after the vicissitudes of box, seems to be a good end-result. Study in Japanese ikebana obtain certificate to the Japanese flower art teacher of cursive script written, play at home hanging ornaments, soft outfit also and coincides with the flat of mashup temperament. A group photo with her and son mugs, glass cases have been put in the kitchen. Serve as a foil to the glowing light of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, normal white porcelain cup of warm affection.

More let Jane name susceptibility is quite proud of, she again with soft outfit design technique, a kind of rare lanterns cloth art is preserved. "Later, I can't find this kind of cloth art, also good had decided to do the design again." Jane name min said, pointing to the balcony of a pair of soft package sofa chair, chair of the fabric this is another chair of outsourcing material.

Because like this kind of cloth lantern design, when she decided according to the trend of change when table and chair, even for this tangled up. Later, she found the process team cooperation for a long time, let the technologist will be removed, the fabric after his back clipping, in addition to the grinding of the old part, retain the lantern design, change in this chair. And sitting room with the same color soft mat compote collocation methods are similar, in order to set off a new sofa chair, Jane min has to and cloth pattern is almost lanterns hung on the balcony, the balcony of western-style overflow of Chinese flavor in an instant.

"As long as a little heart, can let household soft outfit design." Jane min said, every corner of the house all by himself and Mr Elaborate care, whole space is filled with good memories.